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Please help Lamma Animal Welfare Centre in our continuing efforts to help the animals. LAWC is a registered charity and does not receive any subsidy from the government.  You can support us by a donation, by sponsoring our animals in our long-term care or buying from our Thrift Shop.  We can only help the animals with your support. 


There are, of course, other ways you can help us apart from money. We are always in need of volunteers. See volunteers page.


除了金錢以外,我們還需義務工作人員參予代養、宣傳、捕捉流浪貓狗等工作。請瀏覽︰ 參加我們的義務工作


By cheque:

Please make your cheque payable to " Lamma Animal Welfare Centre Ltd.".  

Postal Address: G/F, 10 Sha Po New Village, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong. Tel: 2982 0800

By bank transfer:

Bank Name : Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp

Account Name : Lamma Animal Welfare Centre Ltd.

Account Number : 400-140539-838

By PayPal:

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支票抬頭請寫 ︰ 「南丫島動物保護組織有限公司」  

郵寄地址 ︰ 香港南丫島,榕樹灣,沙埔新村10號地下。


銀行名 稱 ︰ 香港上海匯豐銀行

帳戶名稱 ︰ 南丫島動物保護組織有限公司

帳戶號碼 ︰ 400-140539-838

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If you cannot provide a home for an animal, a special way of helping is to sponsor one of the "hard-to-home" animals - see Sponsorship .


若您無法給這些流離失所的動物一個家,請考慮助養牠們 – 請瀏覽︰ 動物助養計劃


Some animals come into our care requires immediate medical attention. The emergency medical fund allows us to help these animals by providing medical treatments that could become expensive. Please contribute to this fund so that we can provide emergency care to these poor animals – see Emergency Medical Fund .


需要我們拯救的動物之中,不乏一些需要緊急醫療護理,緊急醫療基金正可以為這些動物支付昂貴的醫藥費用。請捐助這個緊急醫療基金,讓我們可以為可憐的動物提供緊急救援。請瀏覽︰ 緊急醫療基金

Sellable Items for the Thrift Shop

We are always in need of things that we can sell in our Thrift Shop. So far we have been very lucky. Turnover is high and we have been given such great stuff to sell that we can cover our cost.  Please continue to support by donating to us your unwanted gifts, books, CDs/VCDs/DVDs, household appliances, electric/electronic items - anything sellable except second-hand clothing and shoes will be good.  So please look through your house and bring us anything that you don't need that you think we can sell. Thank you!!!




If you can help in any way - please e-mail or telephone us:


Telephone:  2982 0800



電話︰ 2982-0800


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